Best Plugin Ever

Ok, so I’ve only been a developing WordPress websites here in Winnipeg for less than six months, but still, it’s enough time to have checked out a wide variety of plugins and themes. It is rare that a plugin – even if purchased – does absolutely everything you want it too. There is always that little ‘tweak’ that is needed to fit your website perfectly. A plugin I bought for the nggallery was perfect – until I realized that my drop-down menus overlaid the photos. That meant scrounging around in the code and resetting z values. With another gallery (I bought this one too)  the ‘sliding’ feature worked perfectly – until the very last slide, when it reversed direction – for no apparent reason. That brings me to WordPress Photo Album Plus (WPPA) – a plugin that, as of yet, has worked perfectly. This, inspite of the fact, it probably has more settings and adjustments than any plug-in I’ve ever seen. And it’s free! I installed it for a ‘heritage photo’ website. The website needed a gallery where titles, descriptions and keywords could be attached to photos. But all of this neeeded to be searchable. Once found, all search results would be displayed in a gallery on a new page. Many of the photos would be poorly documented. Hence, the idea was that poorly documented photos could have additional information submitted by viewers who were browsing the website. This might result in some new information coming to light. Comments, however would need to be moderated by site administrators. WP Photo Album Plus fit the bill perfectly and in all of our testing so far has come through as a stellar performance. Check it out!

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