Winnipeg has been amazingly mild this winter.

Even Winnipeg Web Designers huddled over their computers notice the mild weather. After all, Winnipeg is known as a city with severe winters, so much so that some people call it “Winterpeg”. But 2012 is different: it’s been so mild and dry in the ‘Peg this year that a popular snow-sculpting competition has been forced to truck in 200 loads of fake snowflakes. That’s right: Winnipeg is importing snow. In fact, this winter is Winnipeg’s third-warmest in the last 100 years, and much of the rest of Canada is experiencing milder-than-usual conditions, which may seem like great news. Yep. Mild winters come a lot of plusses. You can go in and out without freezing. You can make it to and from the garage without having to put on a jacket. You can sit next to the dining room window without feeling cold on one side and warm on the other. You can stand at rink-side at the local community club and watch a full half period of hockey before your feet start getting cold. But there are a few negatives. The car is never clean. The ice in the back lane (from the dripping garage roofs) is treacherous. Your workout on the elliptical comes with more than its fair share of sweat equity. And working inside, doing web design for Winnipeg clients on the computer while you can hear the birds chirping cheerily in the sunshine is sometimes tough…but we get by.

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